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Ahmet Melih Ulueren, our Ambassador in Nigeria, received our company executives at the Nigerian Embassy. Our Ambassador who gived us very important information about Nigeria and the business areas in which our company is interested also shared with us all his experience about Nigeria. Our Ambassador made our delegation very happy with his hospitality, knowledge about the region, kindness and respectful and sincere relations with the country managers and people.

We would like to thank our Ambassador for guiding us and the all the Turkish companies with his knowledge, experience and the special relationships he built in Nigeria, we would like to thank our Ambassador again and wish for the long-term continuation of his valuable service to our Country.

After the meeting with our Ambassador, our CEO Dr. Hulusi Söğütlü expressed his thoughts and impressions : " I have been honored to meet an ambassador who had such qualities as a person, who we have long missed and longed to see,who raises our flag and the honor of our Country in every field and is commited to his Country, flag and Atatürk' s principles. It will honor us and make us happy on behalf of our county that the young and dynamic team that he works with will follow in the footsteps of our Ambassador. We would like to thank our Ambassador again for his hospitality and guidance.

We would like to thank our Ambassador and her young, dynamic team for their hospitality and guidance.



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