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BEYLER HEALTH manages turnkey hospital construction and operation processes including the design, establishment and operation of many national and international healthcare facilities. BEYLER HEALTH, which is composed of teams with professional working understanding and expert in their fields guided by long-term experiences, started to be implemented in PPP (Public Private Partnership), which is implemented by the Ministry of Health Public Administration after 2010, has started to provide consultancy services including all processes.

Services provided in this field are listed below:



  1. Performing regional analysis of the health establishment that is planned to be established
  2. Determining the business format and service units of the health care enterprise
  3. Providing the drawing of the hospital building architectural project in accordance with international norms and local procedures
  4. Providing guidance on obtaining the local and general permits required for establishing a health establishment and on the procedures to be followed
  5. Ensuring the construction in accordance with the architectural project
  6. Assisting the relevant construction company during the construction of the hospital building and checking the conformity of the productions to the specifications.
  7. To coordinate and maintain the relations with the Ministry of Health and related units.
  8. Selection of materials to be used in special sections according to international standards and supervision of their installations



  1. Preparing the feasibility of establishment and operation in accordance with the specified format of the health enterprise
  2. Preparation of preliminary research, architectural project, construction costs, infrastructure, gas systems, heating, cooling and ventilation costs required for the establishment of the health enterprise
  3. Determining the lists of medical devices, equipment and consumables to be used in the healthcare enterprise
  4. Detailed breakdown of the establishment costs of the health care facility
  5. Determining the  operating costs of  the healthcare enterprise and reporting in detail
  6. To deduct employee costs that are specific to the norm staff and units that should be employed in the healthcare enterprise
  7. Analyzing and calculating the routine costs of healthcare enterprises and their costs based on certain criteria and creating expense tables
  8. Determining the income items of the healthcare enterprise and analyzing the revenues that these items will transfer to the enterprise, calculating their accounts and creating original tables related to them.
  9. Estimation of operating expenses and operating income by periodic, annual and ten year projections of health enterprise and making statistical accuracy



 To make lists of medical devices, equipment and consumables to be used in the hospital, to make device layout plans (Room & Room) for all units, to determine the device and equipment requirements completely, to make the selection of medical devices and equipment and to ensure the best quality device procurement under appropriate conditions

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