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BEYLER HEALTH , provides service with its very experienced medical and pilot team in the field of aircraft ambulance services, it can perform  this service thanks to its aircraft ambulance which is equipped to  fly all around the world without day or night distinction

The Ministry of Health granted the necessary Aircraft Ambulance permissions to our private aircraft belonging to Pan Aviation within Mağdenli and was authorized as Aircraft Ambulance .All necessary equipment for emergency response (ventilator, defibrillator, bedside monitor, transport incubator, Infusion Pump and all similar devices), consumables, emergency response sets and medicines are available in our aircraft.

The medical team and equipment within the aircraft has been provided by BEYLER HEALTH.

The Medical Equipment in our Aircraft Ambulance enables the transportation of all kinds of patients. Especially in the transportation of newborn babies  our experienced Medical Team can perform this service by means of Transport Incubator and necessary Medical Equipment.

Our Medical Team, which consists of doctors and paramedics, can carry all kinds of patients safely in emergency conditions and is highly experienced in performing all kinds of emergency interventions within the Aircraft Ambulance.

When the patient we are transporting by Aircraft Ambulance needs a doctor or other requirement that requires different expertise, our own specialized medical team joins the medical team and performs the flight together.

BEYLER HEALTH provides optional ground ambulance service within the Turkey  boundaries. When there is a special demand, the patient is taken from the location by our Medical Team and moved to the Health Center where he / she  should go.

BEYLER HEALTH can make our Medical Team, Pilots and Aircraft Ambulance  flyable within 2 (two) hours  after the completion of the required documents in all cases approved for transfer. 1 (one) or 2 (two) people can accompany our patients in the Aircraft Ambulance depending on  the the patient's condition.

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